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Business Plans
Business plans are important because they enable companies to see the course their business will take in the future. Arc Horizons looks in the distance and helps companies see where their businesses are going. We develop business plans as well as assist in the analysis of business plans. Contact us about your proposed new business plans.
Feasibility Studies
A feasibility study is an evaluation of how viable a project is as a business. Feasibility studies looks at all stages involved in successful implementation of a business, from availability of raw materials or feedstocks, transportation issues, the market, management team and human resources. You do not want to get into a business without conducting a feasibility study. In fact, investors, grants, and banks often require feasibility studies for funding.
Grant Writing and Proposals
Annually, over $400 Billion are awarded by the United States Government in grants. Millions more dollars are awarded in non-federal grants. It follows that grant writing has become very competitive and requires the need for a seasoned professional with a demonstrated track record in obtaining grants. If you have good ideas, you need professional help in writing your grant. We have the experience to write winning grants and assist you in obtaining your corporate or personal goals. Do you have a great idea or a scientific and technological discovery that will reduce global warming? Perhaps you want to reach your organizations standards of artistic perfection in performance. Our experienced team includes distinguished PhDs with experience in grant writing that have secured millions of dollars in grant funding to companies like yours, both private and non-profit.
Writing and Proposals
We start here: find appropriate grants for your project
Next comes...
Once you have a complete proposal, we proofread to ensure that the proposal adheres to our proven guidelines. We identify weak areas which can be improved upon and accent your strengths. If you already have a draft proposal contact us immediately.
The next step...
Search for Grants
We assist in identifying grants and funding sources that best match your specific needs. We search all resources including those that are overlooked by others competing for the same funds. We do not stop short with funding. We continue looking until we have exhausted all resources available to completely fund your project. We also assist in aligning your ideas to meet the objectives of the grant awarding agencies. This is a very important step that should not be overlooked. We do the legwork and initiate contact with grants administrators on your behalf.
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