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Alternative Energy
Alternative Energy is an industry experiencing rapid growth. Being a relatively young industry, Alternative Energy provides tremendous business opportunities. Because Alternative Energy is different from the traditional industries, our experiences have shown that most companies need consulting in order to effectively execute their Alternative Energy programs. Our firm provides the expertise you need to build your business. Our Alternative Energy personnel have been involved in Alternative Energy projects for over a decade.
We are very experienced in bioenergy, having been involved in over a dozen bioenergy projects in the US, China and the Caribbean. These projects have a portfolio value of over $312 million. We provide the following service to Alternative Energy businesses:
  • Site Selection

  • Technology Evaluation

  • Utility Negotiations

  • Assist with Permitting Logistics

  • Business Plans

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Grant Writing

  • Project Management

  • Financing Incentives
We take pride in seeing your project succeed. To that end, we use as many resources available for your project as possible. We have successfully helped clients with projects including:
  • Biodiesel

  • Cellulosic Ethanol Production

  • Green Electricity Co-generation

  • Development of a Wide Range of New Technologies
Arc Horizon has worked on solar projects mostly in the US and in Africa.
We evaluate technologies including gasification, traditional biodiesel, algae, solar and keep updated on the latest developments in Alternative Energy technologies. Our agronomic team is experienced with the production of dedicated bioenergy crops including sugarcane, forestry, sorghum Sudan grass, sorghum, switchgrass, jatropha and other new energy crops. We have produced documentary recommendations on logistics of large Biomass projects. We give seminars and presentations regularly across the country on many aspects of Alternative Energy.
Green Builders
Arc Horizon is a member of Florida Green Builders Coalition. We provide logistical assistance to individuals and companies in green homes and businesses interested in energy efficiency.
Arc Horizon successfully assisted a local Tallahassee company “High Performance Magnets” win a multi-million dollar bid for a project with ITER. The ITER Program, which is made up of a seven nations including the US, seeks to use fusion power as carbon-free alternative energy source.
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