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We are a global company that provides consulting to startup businesses, management and expansion of existing operations. We provide advice on emerging markets to executives, work with federal agencies, universities and nonprofit organizations on development work.

We provide unique, tailored solutions to agricultural and environmental projects in developing countries.

The Arc Horizon management is comprised of renowned experts with extensive experience in alternative energy, environmental conservation, development issues, agriculture, and frontier markets.

Arc Horizon has an exceptional success record and has provided consultancy to publically traded companies, federal and aid agencies, and small businesses. We have helped projects develop from start up to become multi-million businesses.

In the Southern USA, clams and oysters are grown along the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts. Clams. The production of clams and oysters are major economic drivers for the regions. Growers mostly sell fresh frozen and at a major disadvantage since fresh products have a limited shelf life, 7- 10 days for clams. The short shelf life presents tremendous pressure for the product to be sold in a timely manner. However, cooked and frozen clams have a shelf life of up to 12 months, and this long shelf life reduces potential loss of unsold products and can many times enable producers to obtain higher prices. Cooked and frozen specialty seafood can also be transported over longer distances producing a much larger customer base of domestic consumers.

Demand for cooked and frozen aquaculture products is high since consumers mostly prefer the convenience of fully cooked products. Arc Horizon market research is expanding the production of value added seafood for the domestic market.
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Arc Horizon conducts due diligence and recommends projects for investor funding.
Our headquarers are in Innovation Park, Tallahassee, Florida
  Providing Technical Expertise In:
  • Alternative Energy

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Development Work

  • Capital Acquisition

  • Environment and Water Resources
  • Agriculture and Food Security

  • Frontier Markets

  • Project Management

  • Grant Writing
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